Cebi is looking for startups developing solutions in the field of intelligent sensors, heating devices and actuators.

Call Description

CEBI is seeking to locate companies with capabilities in the field of automotive communication buses and digital / multiplexed i/o interfaces (CAN,LIN, etc.) which can license ready-to-use software libraries and possibly also hardware blocks which CEBI can then integrate into its own embedded developments, thus saving the internal effort required to develop such libraries / hardware blocks, which, although being important, are somehow secondary to CEBI’s main effort in the field of sensing and control hardware and software.


CEBI’s envisions the partnership with such companies in the form of licensing agreements of existing solutions, or collaborative development of CEBI-specific, individual projects, focused on special needs, under exclusivity agreements as dictated by every business case.

CEBI is however open to consider other possibilities such as partial or total acquisition of companies it would consider as strategically positioned in the field and fitting within the R&D structure and strategy of CEBI Group.

Company Background


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Deadline: February 28th 2017