Current activities

By combining both members' innovation objectives and needs, we have been able to define 5 main topics for this year:

New businesses creation through data usage

Innovation governance & assessment


Corporate Sustainability

Innovation Ecosystems Strategies

2020 past events

February 28th


Introduction to the Exponential Organizations (ExO) methodology

March 12th

FinTech Business Connect

In partnership with Hub@Luxembourg

April 22nd & 29th

Sharing experiences (webinars)

Concrete case studies, e.g.: Artificial Intelligence | Machine learning | Predictive maintenance

May 13th & 27th

Sharing experiences (webinars)

Corporate Innovation Labs : how to combine it with your core business and generate value

May 27th

Innovation Dating event postponed

Digital Twins (= digital representation of a real-world entity or system) thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT)

June 10th

Sharing experiences (webinar)

Business Model Resilience & Innovation Framework through covid-19

June 11th & 12th      

International Fair postponed


July 2nd & 3rd 

Learning Expedition (LEX) postponed

Discovering Paris' Innovation ecosystem

September 2nd

Sharing experiences

Collaborating with startups: from PoC to production

September 24th

Corporate-Startup event

2020 Village Awards Ceremony

October 16th

Online workshop

The Spiral Dynamics and the changing role of the innovation director in times of crisis

December 8th


Management Flexibility (SAFe -Scaled Agile Framework & Scrum Master)

2019 past events

March 1st


Design thinking – Part II: working on LOIC members' challenges

March 29th


Meaningful Innovation KPIs

April 26th


Culture of innovation: “ContinuousNEXT” methodology by Gartner

May 24th

Sharing experience

Equity corporate investments in innovative startups

June 21st

Learning expedition in Luxembourg

Industry 4.0

September 20th

Sharing experience

Low-tech innovation: definition and implementation

October 16th

Innovation dating event: Human-Centered Design solutions

User Experience – User Interface

November 4th

Learning expedition in Lisbon

Web Summit

December 10th

Sharing experience

Know Your Customer: product and client traceability

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