Are you considering joining the Luxembourg Open Innovation Club?

Here are 4 key reasons for choosing open innovation:

Increase innovation opportunities

  • Develop your innovation capacity by adding new external projects
  • Enrich internal R&D projects by cross-fertilisation (NIH vs PFE*)
  • Spot (and possibly monopolize by acquisition) before the competitors the promising new technologies and business models

*NIH: Not Invented Here / PFE: Proudly Found Elsewhere

Save time and costs

  • Outsource a part of your R&D
  • Strengthen productivity
  • Save time on the innovation cycle
  • Limit and share the risks
  • Corporate venture: invest early on the most expanding projects (economic interest but also barrier to competitors)

Improve your brand image

  • More media coverage (more projects = more news = more buzz)
  • Strengthen the image of an innovate company
  • Reinforce the socially-responsible image (caring about local economic development)

Initiate internal awareness

  • Open collaborators to external innovation best practices
  • Offer routes (courses, training, coaching, etc) to intrapreneurs
  • Revisit company's culture and values