Let us introduce the members of the LOIC through short interviews...

Today, Schroeder & Associés!

LOIC - Schroeder & Associés

Who are you?

My name is Thierry Flies and I am the CEO of Schroeder & Associés SA.


Why is it so important for your company to innovate?

Schroeder & Associés SA is an engineering company in the building and construction sector – a sector in which innovation is very important. One of the most recent innovations is BIM (Building Information Model), which along with other innovations like surveying by drone or laser scanning are the focus of our company’s investments.


Why did you join the LOIC?

We joined the LOIC to show that the building and construction sector can be innovative, but also to share experiences with partners which are known for innovation in Luxembourg.


What do you expect from the LOIC?

We expect the LOIC to give us input for further developments.


What would be the key word to describe your initiative?